Political Trick (August 14, 2023): It takes 3 politicians to write a letter to DoT on problems that existed longer than they have served. Why now? What about hundreds of other problematic traffic locations? DoT should be a professional agency, and not being used as a political tool.

View of the stop sign on Exeter Street at 68 Avenue is easily blocked by van and trees.

Ingram Street between 68 and 69 Avenues has its road torn up multiple times. Concerts at the tennis stadium nearby are problematic requiring better solutions.

Corner at Selfridge and Kessel Streets should be a 3-way stop. Accidents happen regularly at this intersection.

Ever since a traffic light was installed at 71 Avenue and Kessel Street less than a year ago, cars would speed up to along Kessel Street after the 72 Avenue stop sign before it turns red. Speed bump?

Markwood Road/Place and Union Turnpike is a dangerous intersection that has been tweeked again and again without noticeable improvement. Union Turnpike narrows past Markwood from 3 lanes to 2 lanes. But without a merging sign, drivers thinking it’s 3 lanes would knock out side mirrors of parked cars.

Speed camera? Or, give the Forest Hills Garden Corporation authority to ticket fast moving cars?

Parked silver car blocks view of oncoming traffic at corner of Mowbray Drive and Kew Gardens Road. Move the parking allowed paint back to where the fire hydrant is. No parking should be allowed anytime at that spot.

Can Grenfell Street be made one way between 82 Avenue and Lefferts Blvd? Or have a 3-way stop at this corner? The 82 Avenue overpass has a lot criminal activities observed by residents.

Over 50% of the cars observed at Onslow Place and Grenfell Street do not stop at the STOP sign. How about a flashing red sign or a stop sign camera? It is also dark since the street lighting is weak.

Forest Park Drive has been closed since COVID, like Freedom Drive. Please open them up again to traffic.

Speed bump request at the Austin Street side after Eight Oaks Triangle Park pictured.

3-Way Stop Sign is preferred at 125 Street and 84 Road.

Cars would ignore the stop light at 124 Street even on Metropolitan Avenue! Speed camera since there is a school two blocks down!

121 Street curves nicely below Metropolitan Avenue. However, the narrow section becomes dangerous when there is snow. The two-way street would become impassable, and plow trucks tend to damage parked cars when maneuvering. Turn it into a one-way street?

Request for speed bump(s) at 117 Street between 84 Avenue and Babbage Street.

Cars westbound on 85 Avenue are not suppose to turn left on Myrtle Avenue or down 111 Street. When they do, accidents do happen. Residents propose turning 85 Avenue into a one-way street.

Lefferts Boulevard between Jamaica Avenue and 89 Avenue is a busy section during weekdays. It does not help when Day-Night Plumbing and Maranatha Roofing and Siding Supply have customers loading all days blocking safety of pedestrians walking and baby strollering.

124 Street near Hillside Avenue is so dark at night that residents installed own lighting.

Without traffic light and stop sign, peeding is common on 89 Avenue between 130 Street and Lefferts Boulevard. Give citizens speed camera!

A sinkhole that started pre-COVID grows larger after every patch up in front of 91-53 110 Street. As of September, it’s about 6″ deep. What is the City’s liability should someone get hurt due to it?

Several streets in Richmond Hill had their direction changed from two-way to one-way in June. Residents now are complaining of the need for speed bump since drivers are driving faster and more careless.

Residents have waited over 50 years plus to see this section of 89 Avenue milled.

91 Avenue and 109 Street had 4 accidents already this year as cars speed down 109 Street. Speed bump or camera wanted!

When the electrical pole was knocked down 12 years ago, there was a street lamp. It has not been replaced, and it’s dark at Grand Central Parkway and 68 Road.

Let us not forget that drivers are the flip side of traffic problems: August 24, 2023 at 9:08 am.

Trucks park along sections of the Grand Central Parkway service road. When at 68 Avenue, view of pedestrian crossing is fully blocked.

A train has 2 terminals: Ozone Park and Far Rockaway. MTA diverts Ozone Park destination trains to Far Rockaway too often adding waiting time for riders to 104 Street, 111 Street and Lefferts Blvd stations.

Concrete Pumping trucks parked at 108-58 Atlantic Avenue knocked out light poles, low hanging wires, and blocking Atlantic Avenue when parking from about 4 to 6 pm, and it has only been there since early 2023! Business should pay for damaging city property!

DoT keeps filling a sinking hole. 95 Avenue has not been milled in recent memory. It was a two-way street turned one-way right before COVID. Cars traveling west bound may hit old-memory east bound drivers. Speed bump is requested.

Another view of 95 Avenue’s unmilled street two blocks away between 107 and 108 Streets. Sidewalks too need repair.

Cars turning left from Park Lane South down 107 Street is dangerous. Speed bump request have been denied. How to make it safe?

Cars would speed down 107 Street trying to beat changing of the light. How about turning it to blinking yellow instead?

Before reaching Liberty Avenue, cars speeding down 107 Street would hit cars on 103 Avenue. Four way stop sign or another traffic light?

Because 108 Street is directionally divided at 85 Avenue, cars have traveled against the traffic without realizing it. Residents are also asking that 85 Avenue be turned into one-way street instead of two-way.

105 Street at 86 Avenue has the highest number of traffic accidents in a residential neighborhood east of Woodhaven Boulevard: 8 this year alone as documented by Brian G. Petition was circulated for a 4-way stop and speed bump. A local engineer recommended a traffic light.

When 106 Street was last milled about 3 years ago, a STOP sign was removed. Please replace.

77 Road between Austin Street (one way west) and Kew Gardens Lane (two way) was turned two-way about 16 years ago. U turns are not allowed, so 20′ trucks on Austin Street would turn right on 77 Road then right again to get on Union Turnpike. (continued…)

The problem is that Kew Gardens Lane where 77 Road ends is not designed for 20′ trucks to maneuver. When backing up, trees have been moved down, cars scratched… even protector posts where installed so the fire hydrant could not be knocked over. Please post “NO TRUCKS ALLOWED” sign at Austin Street or turn 77 Road one-way again southbound.

Traffic along the Grand Central Parkway service road and 113 Street has always been bad. Can anything be done?

Before Liberty Avenue branches off to 103 Avenue, cars speed up 134 Street causing accidents and fear among residents. Speed bump? Another traffic light?

When construction started on the Van Wyck Expressway 2 years ago, street lights were turned off, and it’s been dark on the southbound service road between Atlantic and Liberty eversince.

Could a speed camera be installed at Atlantic Avenue where cars go through the 130 Street tunnel?

127 Street portion where Q41 travers should be made one-way not two-way due to its narrow width. However, the Q41 line is to be eliminated in the proposed MTA redo of bus lines in Queens.

Neighbors up and down 133 Street between 101 and Liberty Avenues have requested speed bump(s) for years.

One block from PS55 Maure Magnet (center), traffic light is requested due to number of accidents.

This section of 95 Avenue is being resurfaced. A mother of four is asking for speed bump for the safety of her children. Could this be easily added during construction?

Water pipe cracked in front of 132-18 101 Avenue. Has been leaking since beginning of the year.

Sinkhole developing in front of 103-27 104 Street.

The 18′ wide easement alley behind 67 Drive (off Austin Street) is not a through road. Neighbors are asking for a “Private Property” sign since some non-neighborly cars have damaged garages making U turns to get back out.

Speed bump or speed reducer on 126 Street between Kew Gardens Road and Austin Street. Petition was submitted in 2018.

Van Wyck Expwy under years of construction. Had a traffic cop on Hillside Avenue. Bring him/her back! One block west, the new traffic pattern where Kew Gardens Road and Hillside Avenue merge is horrendous.

85 Avenue should be one way to ease flow of students at Bais Yaakov Academy, 124-50 Metropolitan Avenue.

Light out at pole in front of 108-48 64 Road for 4 years.

Speed bump at 102 Street north of Liberty Avenue?

Speed bump at Grosvenor Lane and one-way at 116 Street. With 3 new apartment buildings (82-77 116 St, 83-05 116 St, and 83-61 116 St) being built, congestion and parking are expected to increase.

Vote Danniel Maio by November 7, 2023