Sidewalk & Trees

Homeowners should be permitted to fix city sidewalk and trim sidewalk trees without a penalty.

Be careful when pulling tree stumps! It could lift sidewalk to a dangerous height.

Sidewalk that leads to back alley between Burns and Clyde Streets needs repair.

Huge branches fell in front of 67-83 Exeter Street twice this year. Parks and Recreation gave it a Class B cutting attention. Homeowner is requesting expedited attention since several branches are visibly stressed.

Street lamp went out. The entire post is being redone. How long does it take?

Dead tree at 68-13 Ingram Street. No response after repeated calls to 311.

Homeowner has placed numerous call to 311 at Manse Street and 71 Avenue about branches over house.

Loubet Street between 68 and 69 Avenues has many trees extended over homes. Trimming needed.

Thick branches are over roof of several houses along Olcott Street. City needs to take preventive measures even if tree were healthy.

The tree a brushing against house at 70-66 Walnut Street, yet the City would not trim after repeated 311 calls.

When roots were removed at 91-08 71 Avenue, sidewalk became damaged and uneven. City issued a citation forcing its neighbor to pay for sidewalk replacement. Isn’t the City responsible for sidewalk repairs especially when its action contributed to the problem?

When trees along 71 Avenue were trimmed 3 years ago, the contractor skipped 91-09 71 Avenue.

Branches of healthy tall tree hang over house of 101-16 75 Road. Branches are heavy enough to cause major damage if broken off. Can the City take preventive measures?

The dead tree is on City property in front of 103-31 Union Turnpike, and it interferes with wiring and cabling. City would not act after repeated 311 calls.

Sidewalk slabs with a 3″ lift is dangerous for seniors using a walker on Mowbray (82) Drive.

Criminal activities occur regularly at the 82 Avenue Overpass between Grenfell and Austin Streets. Residents recommend brighter lighting.

Streets are dark at 124 and 120 Streets in Kew Gardens. Light went out June 2023 near 84-25 120 Street. Technicians came several times, but still not fixed.

When an Amazon truck knocked out a light pole at 113 Street near Myrtle Avenue over 2.5 years ago, action was not taken until two weeks later after a homeowner’s daughter used her social media account to get official attention. However, the work is still incomplete. The street is dark since the light was not reinstalled.

City has trimmed the trees near 86-28 112 Street, but the limbs are still thick and dangerous. Residents are requesting lighting since its dark at night.

The sidewalk cement at Myrtle Avenue near 114 Street is holding down the thick leaning tree. Must it fall blocking the street before something is done?

The branches are getting thick, and they stretch over 87-27 115 Street. It is not over power lines, yet the City has not come to trim after repeated calls to 311.

There is no street light at 113 Street and 93 Avenue. Homeowners’ security camera could not capture suspicious activities as clearly at night.

Homeowners want branches over their yard trimmed at 117 Street near 91 Avenue.

Called 311, but not getting any attention to trim broken limbs and tree at 89-34 Lefferts Boulevard.

Homeowner at 89 Avenue near Lefferts Boulevard wants 2 large trees cut and lifting sidewalk fixed.

Trees branch over 104-30 89 Avenue, and uplifted sidewalk by 2 inches.

Light out mid-August in front of 87-24 110 Street.

Trees at 89 Avenue near 104 Street block street light. Dark and dangerous at night.

When the City trimmed off a large tree branch, it cracked the sidewalk.

Light pole at 127 Street and 87 Avenue has been leaning for decades!

A replacement pole has been installed to replace a deteriorating one in front of 87-40 127 Street, but?

Sidewalk is City property, but when adjacent homeowner had two trip and fall lawsuits at Grand Central Parkway and 69 Avenue, he had enough!

Tree has cables running through at 68 Road. Sidewalk has about 6 feet without a curb.

Huge tree at 68 Avenue that homeowner is asking City to trim or cut. It is tilting towards his house.

How long will a dead remain uncut? It’s been over 3 years now.

Huge tree overhangs 3 houses on 98 Street. Fallen branches have damaged cars parked underneath.

Several water hydrants have been moved/installed at 112 Street and 67 Drive. Is the work finished or temporary?

No or little lighting on 110 Street between Atlantic Avenue and 110 Avenue.

Tree branches mixed in with ConEd and Spectrum cables at 95-32 110 Street.

Owner asked permission to trim tree. The City should allow it.

Unfortunately, City is not responsible for trees on private property. If neighbor is unreasonable, call…

Homeowners called 311. Heavy branches over homes need trimming at 97-44 105 Street. Preventive!

Called 311 many times to trim trees at along 95 Avenue near 105 Street. No response per resident.

City does not trim healthy trees, but the one at 85-14 109 Street has Con Ed power wire beneath it. Con Ed said it does not trim trees. Must homeowner wait until a broken branch catch fire?

Someone tripped and fell at property. The sidewalk cement was lifted about 1/2″ by tree roots. Reinspection request was made, NYC DOT responded nearly 2 years later. Stay tuned.

How long has this stump been stuck in the middle of the sidewalk at 103 Avenue?

113 Street off Liberty Avenue is so narrow that even a bicycle cannot be double parked. Cars cannot get in or out of driveway if a car is parked on the opposite side of the road. Shorten the walkway?

Thick branches hanging over parked cars at 115 Street. Waiting for it to fall?

Residents are upset that City does not respond to 311 calls. 112-12 103 Avenue and 111-19 103 Avenue are some of the worst having thick branches extending over their home.

The entire row of trees on 95 Avenue between 121 and 122 Streets extends over homes.

Who is responsible for trees along the LIRR tracks abutting Forest Hills Gardens Corporation? Those on the north side of Burns Street west of Puritan Avenue has a lot size of 95′ to 105′; east at 105′ to 75′. Homeowners have complained that branches fell every two months damaging properties, yet neither the Gardens nor LIRR have taken any active trimming.

A partial vacate order was issued for 3 properties on July 18 when trees damaged balconies and backyards. Con Edison was there, but the technician said tree trimming is not its job.

Light pole at Park Lane South near 112 Street was knocked down over a year ago, and it still has not been replaced.

A Silver Linden tree at 101-30 120 Street needs trimming. Its gives off a sticky odor with messy flowers.

One tree died, another tree lives. City would not cut the dead tree at 77 Road and Austin Street. Homeowner would do it, but the City would not allow it.

One of the most dangerous tree trimming situation at 102-31 135 Street. Power lines that could caught fire or be damaged.

Constant construction at the Van Wyck over the past 2 years had sidewalk paved, destroyed, paved…

Roots of tree at 129-22 97 Avenue has damaged sewage pipe causing a sinkhole that has been refilled several times. Homeowner could not flush out toilet paper which could cause blockage.

2 overgrown trees at 129-08, -10, -12 95 Avenue hanging over power lines. One caught fire 3 years ago.

The tree stump has been there for five years, and the sidewalk curb is untouched. Priority?

Two trees branching over two houses at 101-47 and 101-49 125 Street. Homeowners’ front yard gets little rain moisture and sunlight. Roots are damaging sewer pipes.

This stretch was 126 Street was resurfaced today (June 26). Sidewalk curb was damaged and gutter non-existent.

Homeowners want what is best for their property. How dead must a tree be before the City would cut it down? 133-16 97 Avenue.

Tree hanging over house at 101-60 133 Street.

Tree towering over 105-16 and 105-18 103 Road needs pruning.

Sidewalk at 95-20 67 Avenue is about 1″ uneven. The City said it’s not uneven enough to warrant attention even though people have tripped over it!

Branches at 99-22 64 Avenue needs trimming. Also rats problem at this end near 99 Street.

Trees at 85-52 102 Street were removed 4 years ago. Please cement over the sidewalk.

Branches hanging over 108-48 64 Road has damaged private property.

Gas lines repaired sidewalk paved along this stretch except at 103-24 102 Street.

The City’s October 11, 2022 article about tree requests. TB at 84-16 130 Street.

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