Put back parking spots where bike lanes could co-exist. Change zoning to allow residents to park on their property. Expand DoT’s CarShare to seniors and disabled homeowners.

Even larger homes in Forest Hills north of Queens Boulevard have blocked driveway problems.

Forest Hills Gardens Corporation is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the community including its streets and sidewalks. Who is responsible if common driveway is broken and if someone were tripped and fell?

Why was a stretch of parking spots adjacent to the water tower on Austin Street removed?

Can you or can’t you park here from the bus stop sign to the driveway? If not, paint it red!

102nd NYPD Precinct at 87-34 118 Street has a yard behind the fence. It also occupies 600 feet of street parking from Jamaica Avenue down over half a block.

The first 300 feet from Jamaica Avenue are row houses. Residents complain that police parking narrows the sidewalk, and forces pedestrians to walk on the street when a truck would park against the building wall or fence as in the picture above. Solution: paint a parking line in street allowing cars to park out more.

If the car has no license plate, how long can it remain parked on the street?

What’s wrong with this parking picture at 125 Street and 89 Avenue?

NYC City Planning Zoning Resolution says a driveway must be at least 8 feet in width. There is a curb cut in front of 104-25 88 Avenue. The width is 6 feet. Several residents got blocking the driveway tickets for an illegal driveway.

$700 per month for a parking spot in Forest Hills is expensive, there is no reason why cars and bikes cannot coexist along Queens Boulevard eastbound and westbound.

Large lot behind Forest Hills High School and along the Grand Central Expressway service road is being used as free truck parking. Neither the school nor DoT is taking oversight responsibility.

Some neighbors are complaining that driveway curb cut should not be 40′ wide.

Worst case of paving over front yard for parking without a driveway curb cut at 109 Street.

If there is already a driveway, can the front yard be used for parking instead of fenced in?

What happens if the utility pole blocks homeowner’s driveway? Can it be moved?

“No Parking Anytime” taking up 4 parking spots for at least 3 years in front of 104-04 97 Avenue.

Auto body shops at 97 Avenue and 100 Street taped over vehicle registration stickers. Why?

Does the Logan Bus Company have the rights to park on top of the abandoned Rockaway Beach Branch rail line at 97 Avenue?

Car repair shops leave cars on streets for months. Fine them?!

How is his parking?

At the end of 132 Street is a wide lot. Workers at a commercial complex would park and block in homeowner.

A fire hydrant was moved from 85-20 108 Street (middle of picture) 2 years ago. Now, neighbors on both sides of 108 Street are having difficulties maneuvering their car in and out of driveway.

Yes, 95 Avenue near 114 Street could be dangerous, but all the cars half parked on the sidewalk?

DIY parking driveway at 95-48 112 Street. Neighbor installed own “DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAY” sign.

Is it true that if the car is covered, the police could not lift it to do a license plate check?!

Reserving a street parking spot by not giving enough space in front and behind the perpetrator’s car. Is this criminal?

Motorcycle has been chained to the tree for over two years as a way to reserve parking spots.

Resident R.S. on 115 Street has a driveway yet parked his car in front of his next door neighbor unused for months. His explanation is that the battery is dead, and has refused offer to help.

Homeowner has a heart health condition, and is in need of a on-street handicapped parking permit.

If the fire hydrant is no longer in service, can it be removed? Yes, at your expense.

Residents recommend a “No Parking Anytime” sign for one parking spot where the car is on 85 Avenue for cars coming down 109 Street.

If it is your garage or driveway, you can park in front of it.

Car with expired (May 2021) Tennessee plate parked in front of house for over 3 months. Was ticketed, but not towed.

Where width of one-way street is wide enough, how about angled parking to increase capacity?

Owner of the driveway at 117 Street took 30 minutes to park, and had her car scratched maneuvering in.

What happens if the offender is the City’s contractor? The Van Wyck Expressway repair has been ongoing, and these equipments have left occupying both sides of the 97 Avenue for over 1.5 years!

This truck has parked here for nearly two years (Check out the grass!) Tags expired, but owner was able to replace it without taking it to an inspection site!!! Neighbor said he bought the tags online.

Everyone knows parking by fire hydrant is illegal. Can we not give residents authorization to ticket those cars?

124 Street and Atlantic Avenue has truck after truck parked without license plate.

This block of 85 Road dead ends off 102 Street. Few driveways that residents have are narrow. Parking has become territorial. PS66 teachers make the residents angrier during school days.

Can the City issued a dedicated parking spot for elderly, veteran and handicapped?

125 Street side of PS 161 is a No Parking Zone during school days from 7 to 4 since it opened 15 years ago. Why? There is no entrance on this side, and it is not used by the school. Remove it.

Truck at 124 Street and 103 Avenue has not been moved for at least 5 months. Owner of house has had medical operations, and needs dependable access for doctor appointments.

This van as well as many other cars have been parked for months. What is the law, and where is enforcement?

It is creative, but is it legal? There is a permit process, but what situation could cones be legal?

Why would the City build a rain garden at 101-48 131 Street taking away a parking spot?

This motorcycle at 85 Drive has been parked on City’s sidewalk for over three years!

Parking is a huge problem at 105 Street. Owners want to pave over their front yard to park, but also to comply with the revised 2010 zoning regulation.

Car repair shop at 114 Street and 101 Avenue uses street parking spots as its garage.

No Parking Anytime sign at southeast corner of 64 Road and 110 Street does not make sense.

For the longest time, Police Precinct 106 at 101 Street allowed residents to park in front of their home.

NO STANDING Anytime sign installed 2022 taking out 3 parking spots on Hillside Avenue between Kew Gardens Road.

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