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Ballot (Nov 7, 2023): Republican and Conservative on the side of taxpayers, legal businesses, car owners and law-abiding citizens.

It is WRONG: that migrants are treated better than lifelong residents, veterans, homeless and mentally illed; that coop and condo owners pay thousands more in assessment to comply with Local Law 11 FISP and Local Law Climate 97; that legalization of marijuana has brought state’s and city’s enforcement to their knees affecting our quality of life, health and safety; that motorized bike and moped registration is not enforced; that City tickets homeowners trash taken out before 8 pm where there is no rat problem; that there is no middle school in the entire Richmond Hill; that no elected official is taking charge to fix real estate tax; that 2,000 speed cameras within school zones are on 24/7 especially when school is out; that bus lane cameras are installed where drivers were not given any warning; that 311 sidewalk, tree, traffic, lightpole out calls get closed without having problem fixed; that the City hiked parking fees and MTA subway + Congestion Pricing!

We need to stop: open shoplifting, porch pirates, fare evasion, out-of-control marijuana, moped sidewalking, noise polluters, parking hogs, city ticketing the innocents, local laws that hurt homeowners and future of the City, associations and boards not responsive to their members… There is too much rot in NYC.

Crime: Documenting residents’ concerns and reports; Parking: Authorizing residents to park in front of own home and to issue tickets; Taxes: Fixing real estate tax inequity and OATH fines; Inflation: Cutting out bad policies and refund residents due to those wrong policies; School: Locating a middle school in Richmond Hill and funding after school program organizers; COVID: Accounting for policy and decision failures; Trees and Sidewalk: Allowing citizens to take preventive actions; Flooding: Mapping sewer locations and cleaning dates.

I believe in facing facts, not in ignoring them. I believe opposing views deserve to be heard, not silenced. I believe that if people do not respect their government; it is because the majority of voters elected the wrong representatives.

Articles: Candidates answering Queens Daily Eagle questions (June 23, 2023) Patch (June 26, 2023) Patch (October 26, 2023)

Video: APA Voice Candidate Forum (June 8, 2023)

Guides: Vote 411, NYC Votes Voter Guide

Background: candidate in 2022 State Senate race; president of Central Queens Republican Club; and owner of Identity Map Company.

Email: council@maio.net ☎️ 718-545-0975 (Please text or leave message.) Social: Threads

Map of the 29th District: Rego Park, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Woodhaven, Richmond Hill, South Richmond Hill, Ozone Park

Demographics and Budget don’t match!

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Vote Danniel Maio by November 7, 2023