How Many Stops Act

Intro 0586/2022 became law 2024/043 on December 20, 2023 with 35 yeas, 9 nays and 7 did not vote. 17 votes are needed to override a veto. 9 negatives were Joann Ariola, Joseph Borelli, Erik Bottcher, David Carr, Robert Holden, Vickie Paladino, Marjorie Velazquez, Inna Vernikov and Kalman Yeger. James Gennaro, Darlene Mealy were marked “medical”; Ari Kagan and Sandra Ung, “absent”; Linda Lee, Francisco Moya, and Mercedes Narcisse, “abstain”.

Mayor Eric Adams vetoed it on January 19, 2024.

Mayor’s veto was overridden by 42 to 9 on January 30, 2024. No abstention. 9 negatives were Joann Ariola, Joseph Borelli, David Carr, Robert Holden, Kristy Marmorato replaced Marjorie Velazquez, Vicki Paladino, Inna Vernikov, Kalman Yeger and Susan Zhuang. Erik Bottcher flipped. Those absent or abstained in December all voted “affirmative”. Public testimony was canceled before the vote.

The law is to become effective in July, and the first quarterly report is due in September.

What’s actually in the bill? Police officer doing any investigation would need to note:

  • Race, ethnicity, gender and age of all people they talk to in connection with the case.
  • The “reason for the investigative encounter”
  • Whether the individual was stopped “based on observations, response to a dispatch from a police radio, witness or another basis”
  • Whether a summons was issued or an arrest made
  • Whether there was any use of force

Mayor Adams’ statement of needing 2 votes misled the public.

Vote Danniel Maio by November 7, 2023