Voter Guide, 29th Council District, Online Version

Lynn Schulman (Democrat) Video Transcript: I ran for City Council because it was time for a change, and I am proud of the changes the Council has made, especially as the first female majority led body in NYC history. I am running for re-election to continue making healthcare affordable and accessible to all New Yorkers. As Chair of the Health Committee, I helped make the City healthier by enhancing women’s health, introducing the first Citywide Diabetes Reduction Plan and improving health options for seniors. As we recover from the worst public health crisis of our lifetime, now more than ever, it is vitally important to have a strong, independent, voice in the City Council representing Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill and Rego Park. I am a long-time community and LGBTQ+ activist, with decades of leadership in health care advocacy and neighborhood causes. My vision for the next term includes continuing to expand hospital capacity so New Yorkers can get medical care when they most need it, investing more in our public schools so that our kids can get the good education they deserve and increasing services for our seniors and retirees so they can continue to enjoy living in the communities they now call home. I have been a leader in building coalitions to make the vital changes we need for our communities to thrive and I look forward to the work ahead. Please vote for me on November 7.

Danniel Maio (Republican, Conservative) Video Transcript: Dear neighbors and constituents, the 29th City Council district is bordered by Van Wyck Expressway, proposed Queenslink rail line, 63 Drive and Liberty Avenue. Since the April 2020 census, over 500,000 people have moved out of the City. City budget is at an all time high of $112 billion. As we are older and poorer post COVID, MTA and city services are at their worst. City’s generosity for migrants is making the city sicker. Vast majority of them will never apply for asylum, what will the City’s burden be for them three, five years later? $12, $15 billion? When I ask voters for their concerns, it never fails to amaze me at the number of people who said “everything is fine.” You worked hard, you paid taxes, you followed the rules. But now, it’s all upside down. City benefits favor those not working; police pays criminals if criminals get hurt; marijuana is being sold illegally with little repercussion; MTA pays security to watch fare evaders jump turnstiles; pimps and prostitutes are suing landlords, and have won! Sadly, doing wrong is accepted as part of living in New York City. We see it everyday. And it’s getting worse: stolen packages, finding parking, locked shopping, subway delays, noisy neighbors, increasing housing and property tax, dirtier streets. The fear is real that anyone can punch or shot you for no reason at all. Is “everything is fine?” Vote Republican. You will be doing better than fine!

Sukhi Singh (Common Sense) Video Transcript: Everything about district 29 and of course for our queens in whole 1. For education budget a. Vote “NO” to any city budget that cuts funding for education b. High rises bring more people so we need more schools in the area as well. c. Increase education budget and do independent study to allocate wisely so everyone can be held accountable for irresponsibly used 2. Commitment to create safer street for ALL a. Crime is up all over the city so queens need attention as well b. Our law enforcement is great and I am sure they can do more by providing local community patrolling with the volunteers form local areas c. More Youth training programs for staying aware of different cultures 3. Expand rent “Stabilization laws” to protect tenants and landlords a. More high rises to provide more rent stabilizing units with the help of city funds b. Bringing changes into decades old local laws so renter nor landlord suffer from either party’s negligences 4. Different languages access in gov. offices and schools a. Its sort of another way of giving a chance to younger generation to be more competitive so “NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND FROM GETTING EDUCATED” 5. Support Queens Link transit and more walking friendly neighborhood around dist. 29 a. Queens Link project can be very helpful to the area by restarting which already existed and might just needs only little work to no major infrastructure remodeling b. There are Laws for everyone sharing road including bikers, pedestrian and vehicles.

Source: Campaign Finance Board. Candidates’ spending reflects how your tax dollars is (will be) respected. Spreadsheet on $ spent/vote for the June 27, 2023 Primary.

Vote Danniel Maio by November 7, 2023