Local Law 18/2022 effectively banned AirBnB starting September 5, 2023

AirBnB fought the law, and lost. (1) Anyone who wants to host short-term must register with the Office of Special Enforcement, including single-family homes. (2) Your unit must not be in a “Prohibited Building”, and (3) you must live with the guest(s).

“By using this (Local Law 18) system you expressly consent to the City of New York monitoring all use of this system, regardless of the purpose. If monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, damage or other unauthorized use, the City of New York may provide that evidence to law enforcement or others.”

Given the high cost of housing, can’t the City allow it for those who need it? The honest hosts will be penalized, and subject to tax audit. The dishonest ones will find another platform.

Vote Danniel Maio by November 7, 2023