A story on Bail Reform

Mohab is a hard working mechanic. After work, he would do side jobs to earn extra income. A friend of his asked him to move a food cart for $150 in August. Unknowingly, the cart did not belong to his friend, and the owner reported it stolen. He and his friend were caught and charged under NY Penal Law ยง155.30 grand larceny in the fourth degree.

When I met him, he just got our of nearly a week in jail. He is angry and lost. His court date is set for November 1, 2023 at Queens Criminal Court.

Mohab is a borderline Bail Reform case. The law nearly 5 years later is still unfair for certain innocent people (paid bail, but no speedy trial), while those larceny thefts below $1,000 run amok everywhere everyday with little consequence, if any.

History and perspective on Bail Reform by Jim Quinn.

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