Intro 1144-2023: Landlords must advertise names of incumbents upon lease signing or renewal

We want more thoughtfulness from landlords as they rent out to folks,” according to sponsor, Councilwoman Jennifer Gutiérrez. Politicians come and go; landlords stay. How many versions of political names will there be during lifetime of a lease.

What if tenant is non-resident or non-voter, will those elected officials act attentively? “Covered elected officials” include those that have no jurisdiction such as Congress. Why did bill sponsors leave out Governor, State Comptroller, State Attorney General who have jurisdiction?

Another anti-landlord and harassment bill brought to you by your New York City Council. Instead of increasing costs of being a landlord, which will be passed to tenants, why not work with landlords to reduce their costs? Tenants will benefit.

Vote Danniel Maio by November 7, 2023