Honesty is not the best policy when it comes to NYC Department of Buildings!

House was built in 1915, and it has no Certificate of Occupancy on file. Current owners bought the house in 2001, and did not do alteration nor construction to the property. A “work without permit” complaint was filed last year against the property and five other properties on the same block.

Knowing no work was ever done during their ownership, the DoB inspector was allowed in. Upon inspection, he noted a bathroom, washing machine and dryer in cellar. A violation letter followed.

To conform, owners spent nearly $10,000 for the architect, and set aside at least $10,000 to cure those three items in violation based on 2023 building codes that ignores its 1915 construction material and design (wooden beams, fireplace heating, asbestos, etc.)

A few months after the first complaint, another DoB inspector came to check “work with permit” on the attic. In the meantime, the other property owners on the same block had their case closed for not giving DoB inspector access. Property owners should have the right to know the complaint filer/accuser.

Vote Danniel Maio by November 7, 2023