NYC DoT CarShare should be redone as MyCurb for the benefit of residents!

NYC Carshare program (Local Laws 47/2017 and 50/2017) currently has 3 companies: ZipCar, GetAround and Truqit. The Carshare program charges $475 per year for two parking spots. What? Many residents/homeowners are willing to pay that amount to reserve the sidewalk curb spot in front of their own house!

In its April 2021 Final Report, “the researchers concluded that for every one carshare vehicle in New York City, four personal vehicles were either shed or suppressed. In the case of the pilot program, that would mean the 285 carshare spaces led to about 1,140 cars being shed or suppressed” (p. 13). Really? DoT proposes to make permanent the pilot program.

The program would be more meaningful and useful if the focus is on improving the quality of life of people who live there especially seniors, disabled, medically challenged, etc.: MyCurb, yes; CarShare, no.

Vote Danniel Maio by November 7, 2023