Green Card delayed: two stories

Story one. D. Patel applied for asylum in January 2017, was granted work authorization, paid immigration attorney over $10,000, had her long awaited interview canceled by USCIS recently which required an additional $3K to $5K legal fees to reschedule her case.

Story two. D. Khan married a US citizen in 2016, applied for green card in 2017. She was approved in 2020, but had to travel back to home country to receive her visa. She left her 2 year-old daughter with father, while pregnant with her second child. Back in Guyana, her paperwork had problems, and her visa was not issued. The couple have now been separated longer than when they were together married. Calls and emails to her Congressional representative were not returned.

Why those who follow the rules are penalized while those don’t are rewarded even at the federal level?

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