MTA fares to increase effective August 20, 2023

Updated July 19, 2023. MTA moved up the schedule from Labor Day 2023.

It’s a done deal (May 22, 2023). $2.90; $34 7-day; $132 30-day; 4.6% LIRR and MetroNorth; 10% toll crossings without an E-ZPass, etc.

The April 28, 2023 Albany budget agreement includes a one-time payment from the state of $300 million, and it has earmarked an additional $65 million to reduce a proposed fare hike. New York City will need to pitch in $165 million, a partial victory for Mayor Eric Adams because it is significantly less than the yearly $500 million Ms. Hochul had initially asked the city to pay.

MTA’s solution to fare beating. Paying people to watch the Emergency Exit gates.

Meanwhile, fare evasion costs $690M in 2022. $315M in bus; $285M in subway; $44M in commuter rail; and $46M in bridge and tunnel crossing.
Token booth clerks no longer servicing customers, and people wait in long lines for special MetroCard trucks, bus not stopping for seniors at the stop sign Q20 at 11:31 am 8/4/2023.

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