CityFHEPS rental assistance: Tail wagging the dog?

City Council overrode Mayor Eric Adams’ veto by 42-8 on July 13; first time since Mayor Bloomberg’s administration. The four bills are 878-A removing a 90-day wait period, 893-A soften eligibility criteria to a rent demand letter; 894-A lowered threshold from 200% federal poverty to 50% area mean income; and 229-A prohibits deducting a utility allowance. Is this $730 million savings or a $17 billion pricetag?

The City Family Homeless and Eviction Prevention Supplement (CityFHEPS) replaces all past seven rental assistance programs. The voucher will pay registered apartment, room or SRO for up to 5 years provided certain requirements are met.

Next, the work rule: Mayor Eric Adams standardized it to 10 hour per week with exceptions. New York City Council Int 1005-2023 sponsored by Diana Ayala says, 0.

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