Billed as a prayer and vigil, BP Donovan Richards Saeidi’s memorial event was anything but.

As long as someone died, it was politicized. (1) Street was closed; (2) BP Richards did not mention the names of the other four victims who were shot, and they were not invited; (3) the son of Hamod Saeidi, Main, was about the 10th speaker after the BP, an Iman, a relative, State Senator Joseph Addabbo, State Assemblyman David Weprin, State Senator John Liu, Councilwoman Lynn Schulman, Speaker Adrienne Adams, Yemeni Merchant Association leader, Public Advocate Jumaane Williams arrived late (these are some of the same politicians who passed Bail Reform law and supported legislations requiring paperwork on nearly everything police do); (4) the killer’s name Thomas Abreu was not mentioned and his mental health was alleged by the BP, but countered by Saeidi’s family; and (5) there was no joining of hands prayer nor vigil candles.

Borough President said the City failed to catch the Richmond Hill killer years ago because the City did not give him the help he needed; and the Public Advocate said we are all responsible for Sheik Hamod Saeidi’s death. Huh?

Guns and lack of funding are the problems said the politicians. How about what Saeidi’s family asked, give police authority to do their job? Only the politicians got regular applause.

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