MTA Customer Service

A Swiss tourist bought a 7-Day Unlimited MetroCard, but the machine did not dispense the card.

Customer Service at 3 Stone Street said MTA has to do an investigation, and if error was confirmed, a US Dollar denominated check will be mailed to his Swiss address. Why not trust the tourist, and issue him another 7-Day Unlimited card?

Making the bad experience even worse, he bought another card, but did not move fast enough through the turnstiles. Second swipe said, “just used.”

The MTA gate guards would not let him through, while a few turnstile jumpers were observed without being stopped by those gatekeepers.

State of MTA quality of service: Vending machines no longer accept cash; token booth no longer manned; OMNI cards advertised, but not sold at stations; paying security to watch fare evaders going through metal gates only; police presence for show; closed bathrooms; and August 20, 2023 rate increase!

Long line at MTA’s Mobile Sales Vehicle. In Forest Hills, it is the first Friday, once a month. Token booth is not manned.

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