Sidewalk repair at 71 Avenue and Austin Street

Letter from a concerned citizen:

I am writing this message because of a huge concern on the sidewalk construction by the 71st Ave and Austin Street (in front of Citibank). I know that you are very busy, especially on the campaign but perhaps this is a chance to prove you deserving our votes.

This morning (June 22) the construction crew removed the new pavement that was installed a few days ago. The crew leader called himself John told me that due to the rain damage to the new pavement, they had to redo the pavement. This is a big waste of the taxpayers money. This project already took a long time. Now more time and money are needed. We the residents here suffered so much already due to the big inconvenience by the construction. Last week I saw a senior fell on the ramp of the construction site and she was later treated by an ambulance crew. Now the pavement has to be redone. Unbelievable!

I have reported the problem to 311. This is the message from 311.

The Your comments have been submitted to the Department of Transportation. The reference number is EC-00647635.

Can you contact the DOT to figure out what is going on? Thanks.

Vote Danniel Maio by November 7, 2023