Local Law 97 (2019) – Climate Mobilization Act

Text of the Law. Local Law 97 website. Columbia Law School Climate Law Tracker. 40% reduction in aggregate greenhouse gas emissions from covered buildings by 2030 based on 2005.

Moderate decarbonization improvements include upgrading boilers, modernizing controls,
installing high-efciency lights, appliances, and fxtures, and implementing relatively minor insulation
and air sealing measures. Combined, these improvements can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG)
emissions in a typical post-1980, mid- to high-rise multifamily building by as much as 35%.*

Deep decarbonization improvements typically involve comprehensive, whole-building upgrades, in addition to some items from the moderate decarbonization list. Key measures include replacing fossil fuel-based heating and cooling systems with electric-powered heat pumps, installing energy recovery ventilation, upgrading insulation and windows, and integrating controls with real-time building management systems. Combined with renewables like on-site solar panels, deep decarbonization measures can reduce GHG emissions by as much as 80%.

What is the fines estimate on your building interactive map. What is the cost of compliance and how will fines be used?

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