Council passed Intro 0806-2022 on May 11, 2023

What’s the purpose of a comprehensive jail population review program?

“This bill would require the establishment of a jail population review program to identify people in custody of the Department of Correction (“DOC”) whose cases could be resolved or who could be safely released into the community. The Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (“MOCJ”) would be responsible for establishing the population review program, which will review established criteria and provide materials to an incarcerated individual’s defense attorney at the earliest practicable date. MOCJ would also be required to submit a biannual report detailing the outcomes of the population review program.” More money for another bureaucracy to make the City more dangerous.

Adrienne E. AdamsAffirmative
Diana I. AyalaAffirmative
Shaun AbreuAffirmative
Joann AriolaNegative
Alexa AvilésAffirmative
Charles BarronAffirmative
Joseph C. BorelliNegative
Erik D. BottcherAffirmative
Justin L. BrannanAffirmative
Gale A. BrewerAffirmative
Selvena N. Brooks-PowersAffirmative
Tiffany CabánAffirmative
David M. CarrNegative
Carmen N. De La RosaAffirmative
Eric DinowitzAffirmative
Amanda FaríasAffirmative
Oswald FelizAffirmative
James F. GennaroAffirmative
Jennifer GutiérrezAffirmative
Shahana K. HanifAffirmative
Kamillah HanksAffirmative
Robert F. HoldenNegative
Crystal HudsonAffirmative
Kristin Richardson JordanAffirmative
Rita C. JosephAffirmative
Ari KaganNegative
Shekar KrishnanAffirmative
Linda LeeAffirmative
Farah N. LouisAffirmative
Christopher MarteAffirmative
Darlene MealyAffirmative
Julie MeninAffirmative
Francisco P. MoyaAbstain
Mercedes NarcisseAffirmative
Sandy NurseAffirmative
Chi A. OsséAffirmative
Vickie PaladinoNegative
Keith PowersAffirmative
Lincoln RestlerAffirmative
Kevin C. RileyAffirmative
Carlina RiveraAffirmative
Rafael Salamanca, Jr.Absent
Pierina Ana SanchezAffirmative
Lynn C. SchulmanAffirmative
Althea V. StevensAffirmative
Sandra UngAbstain
Marjorie VelázquezAbstain
Inna VernikovAbsent
Nantasha M. WilliamsAffirmative
Julie WonAffirmative
Kalman YegerNegative
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